How To Use

How to use our Salt Rocks:

Bath: Hang on faucet under running bath water. If the water does not hit the rock, hang at the base of the faucet and let the rock soak in the water for about 5 minutes. The rock should last for several baths. If you notice the rock getting noticeable smaller remove from the water right away. It is normal for the rock to break into pieces, it can happen on the first use depending on the rock. Each rock is unique and raw which makes it impossible for us to know when and where it will break apart. Place smaller pieces directly into bath water to use.

Shower: Hang securely on the handle or the shower head. If you would like the water to hit the rock wrap the rope or tie the knot higher up. Take caution when hanging high to make sure it does not fall.

*We have no responsibility if the rock falls and breaks or any injury occurs. 

Things that affect the rock to dissolve Faster than normal:

- Very hot water. The hotter the water the faster the salt dissolves. Remove rock sooner if using hot water.

- Water pressure. If you have high water pressure remove rock sooner.

- Large tubs. If you have a larger than standard tub size.

- Jet tubs. If jets are on the salt will dissolve faster. Remove rock sooner if jets are on.


2lb. Rocks can last about 5-8 *baths.

4lb. Rocks can last about 8-16 *baths.

 *Based on standard tub size


*For the first time use of either size rock you should not notice a huge size change. If you do you are using the rock for too long in the water. Just remove sooner.

*If you are still uncertain, you can taste the water before getting in and if you taste salt you have used more than needed. It is not harmful to use too much, the rock will just not last as long as intended.


Shower use: Please make sure if you decide to hang the rock that you hang it very securely. We take no responsibility for any damage or injury caused by a rock falling. You can wrap the rope around the shower head to place the rock closer to the water. You can also hang it on the shower handle. If you are worried about any of this you can place the rock on the shower floor as well. The tips above are the same for the shower, so the water temperature and water pressure can cause the rock to dissolve faster. 


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